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What is this newsletter?

Triple Entry hits inboxes twice a month with a rundown of 2-3 major news events in web3 accounting and finance, as well as updates on funding events and some other random stuff we call “the water cooler.” Plus maybe a meme…or two. If it’s not your style, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Who is this newsletter for?

Triple Entry is for anyone interested in the future of accounting and finance. It’s for web3 thought leaders and accounting and finance professionals on a mission to shape the future of this industry. Whether you’re a CPA looking to add crypto skillsets to your resume or a full-on degen trying to understand accounting and finance, Triple Entry is for you.

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Why Triple Entry?

“Triple entry” offers a new paradigm to build on the successes (and solve the shortcomings of) the well-known double entry accounting. It’s also a term synonymous with greater trust, transparency, and representative of the larger focus on bookkeeping and accounting integrity. Finally, to quote David Hartley on the current problem of widely implementing this nascent method, “It’s the same problem as the first telephone. It only makes sense if there are enough others.”

You’re part of the “others.” The community is growing. That’s Triple Entry.


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Here are our most recent entries.

Entry 015: Anti-crypto army

April 4, 2023|Triple Entry|

Another week, another enforcement action against a major crypto exchange. At least it’s the CFTC rather than the SEC this time. Is the U.S. trying to kill crypto? It certainly feels like it, but we’ll just present the facts and let you decide. In this entry, we’re covering: The [...]

Entry 013: Of $SPORKs and Silvergate

March 7, 2023|Triple Entry|

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” The opening line of Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities comes to mind as I ponder on the current state of crypto. The best of times: an estimated 30,000 people descended on Denver this week for [...]

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